Muscle Building Meal Plan Program


On the Meal Plan Program for muscle building, your meals are planned in order to provide a daily calorie surplus for allowing muscle/lean mass building.

This program is indicated for men or women who have already been weight training for at least 1 month, and whose priority fitness goal is to build lean muscle, improve body composition and strength.

Benefits: Expect getting stronger while maintaining a healthy and clean diet. This program will help you unleash your body’s muscle building potential if you are already on a consistent weight training routine.

How long will it take for you to start feeling these benefits: Within 2-3 weeks.

Reminder: Although not mandatory, it is strongly advisable to have a consistent exercise routine while on any Meal Plan Program for best results.

Read full terms and conditions of our Meal Plan Program here.


This Program Includes:

– 2,500 THB worth of meals (approx. 20 meals)
– 1 month Customized Meal Plan
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Dinner
– 100% Refundable

Note: Delivery fees are not included in the price. You can either pick up the meals yourself from our establishment or let us send them to you at your desirable location. Meals are sent by Grab Bike or Get Delivery app. Fee is payable directly to the delivery driver by cash. Delivery fee is variable according to the distance between FS Fit Café and your desired pickup location. We deliver across Bangkok and Samut Phrakan area.

Read full terms and conditions of our Meal Plan Program here.


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