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"Eat healthy, Live happier"

FS Fit Café is a Healthy Café specialized in goal-oriented Meal Plans.

If you have a fitness goal in mind such as losing weight or building muscle or improving your overall health, our team of certified trainers and chefs know exactly how to get you to achieve that.

Today’s Menu

Our chef is preparing fresh dishes every day, check what is in the menu today!
Healthy meal at Fitness Station Fit Café in Bangkok

Salmon Pasta Avocado Sauce

THB 200

Whole-wheat pasta with salmon and avocado sauce. Crafted with natural ingredients only.

Healthy meal at Fitness Station Fit Café in Bangkok

Fish Steak Garlic Sauce

THB 150

Stay lean! A great plate with healthy ingredients. Low Carb, Gluten Free.

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Our Mission

We are proudly on a mission to enable convenient access to  healthy food for all of us residents in Bangkok, while aiming to reduce metabolic disease and risk of cancer in the population.